Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Horizons - paintings showing in Kalendar

This show is now over.

Paintings in Kalendar now on show until early January 2017.

Kalendar is a cafe at the bottom of Parliament Hill (Hampstead Heath), in Highgate, North London. It's a great cafe, good coffee, good food, with a plethora of artists, art critics, and actors visiting regularly, as you would expect from that very arty part of North London.

The paintings I am showing, all of which are for sale, are from my Horizons series, which you can see on my website:

Kalendar's address: 15 Swain's Lane, London N6 6QX

Below are the paintings currently on display. They may change over the time of the show so keep checking to see what's new.

I hope you get to see and enjoy the show!

The Moors £900
30" x 42"

Sunset V SOLD

The Last Sunset SOLD

Sunset II £700
24" x 22"

Storm on the Water £800
29" x 34"

Sky Lights £400
12" x 16"

Welsh Hillside £700
22" x 36"

Sunset IV SOLD

Cornwall SOLD

On the Other Side £600
18" x 24"

Sinking Sun SOLD

Sunset III £250
11" x 8"

Wet Road £250
11" x 11"

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